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Featured Agents

Rosie Hayer

Team Lead - Listing Specialist

License Number: 622318

Rosie Hayer has spent years in Austin, Texas, cultivating an unparalleled level of hospitality and genuine nature within herself and her team. The city of Austin has given Rosie and her family the opportunity to put down roots, experience the pride of homeownership, send her children through amazing schools and always have access to some of the world’s best music and food. Rosie graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering as Valedictorian & joined a Fortune 500 company as an IT consultant for several years after graduation. She was introduced to real estate while working with her husband Roger as a partner & manager of a hotel investment company. Rosie and Roger later sold their business & moved to Austin to start a successful real estate company. As a businesswoman, wife, and mother Rosie understands the value of time & the urgency of getting the job done. As a homeowner, she values assisting & guiding her clients in their real estate transactions, from first time home buyers, veteran and investment buyers, or even selling a home and relocating, Rosie is ready to use her exceptional negotiation skills alongside her problem solving and expert communication skills to ensure each transaction closes with ease. Rosie’s client’s satisfaction is her greatest success and she and her team have built their foundation on the principle of helping the community. Be it maximizing the sale price for a home seller and helping close in record time, to saving families from foreclosures hours before auction, repairing credit for a family so they can purchase their first home, or selling distressed properties that the owners had all but given up on, Rosie and her team have seen it all and can help guide you through any real estate transaction. In-between closing deals, connecting with clients, and managing the Hayer Team, Rosie loves nature and traveling, visiting the local creeks and hiking trails, as well as supporting local restaurants around Austin. Above all else, Rosie loves spending time with her family, watching cartoons with her son, traveling with her husband, and enjoying family movie nights together on the couch.

Roger Hayer

Client Care Director

License Number: 586306

Roger Hayer is a first-generation American, born in Houston, Texas. His introduction to real estate started at a young age, helping his family renovate a small hotel in the Hill Country. From filling potholes to repairing plumbing, Rodger learned the importance of hospitality and hard work, staying in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. It was a natural transition for Roger to eventually obtain his real estate license, branching into a new and exciting venture. Now Roger is a dedicated agent, valuing his word, his clients, and his staff above all else. Together he and his wife Rosie have worked tirelessly to provide exceptional service to those looking for a new home. Roger’s no-holds-bar and go-getting approach, which he got from his mother, combined with his local area knowledge of Austin and its surrounding areas like Round Rock, Leander, Cedar Park, and Pflugerville will ensure you are taken care of, every step of the way in their home buying process. Roger can negotiate on his client's behalf whether you are buying or selling a home, looking at an investment property, or are a first-time homebuyer. Roger is fully prepared with the knowledge and experience to close your deals. While helping families into their homes to create new memories, Roger equally enjoys being at home with his family and friends, gathered around the kitchen to laugh, joke, and enjoy each other’s company, creating moments to remember for the long haul.

Brittany Dailey

Buyer’s Agent

License Number: 656718

Brittany Dailey is an Austin native that has seen the transformation of the area and is an excellent resource to help find the perfect home, perfect neighborhood, and perfect restaurant to celebrate. As a seasoned buyer’s specialist, Brittany helps first-time homebuyers, experienced investors, or even those simply looking to relocate, achieve their dreams of homeownership and real estate investing. Brittany isn’t just selling properties; she’s helping people find homes where they can be with their family: cooking a meal, having a birthday party, hosting a holiday. Being able to contribute to those memories holds a precious place in her heart. Brittany graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Kinesiology and began her career in sales where she regularly worked with real estate agents. It was there that she decided to pursue her career as a Realtor. She often jokes that she only knows two things; real estate and Real Housewives, however, Brittany stays busy with her husband and two dogs, and all the Real Housewives. Having been a dance teacher throughout high school and college, Brittany still stays active with her husband, enjoying hiking and anything water related. Oftentimes though, you’ll find Brittany in her backyard hammock reading a book or catching up on her social media.

Ivy SanDiego

Operations Team


Our Mission


Nearly everyone experiences buying or selling a home at some point in their life and that means taking a chance: taking a chance on a brand-new address and on creating a new home to house all your memories. 

The Hayer Group at Keller Williams understands firsthand the importance of these changes and appreciates you placing your trust in us to help walk you through your real estate transaction.


As many of us can attest to, Austin offers the opportunity to raise amazing families, gives your children access to fantastic schools, creates deep connections to your community, and ultimately allows you to invest in your future. 

Not to mention all the uniquely Austin attractions, the city having been named the live music capital of the world while also hosting an exquisite culinary scene.


The Realtors of The Hayer Group know there are many great and diverse communities to choose from in the greater Austin area like, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville and many more. 

With our fingers on the pulse of Austin and our feet rooted in the culture, we are equipped to help both veteran and first-time homebuyers, sellers, or those looking to invest or relocate. 

We are unmatched in our ability to blow our clients away with our problem solving, negotiating, hospitality and genuine nature that you’ll experience while working with The Hayer Group. 

Please reach out to us and let us help be your guide to find the perfect place to call home.